Canada vs Croatia

The Canadians came to ball, although the Croatian counter-attack was too much!

It was an exciting game from the first whistle with the energetic and skillful Canadian side taking the lead within 2 minutes with Alfonso Davies bagging the goal.

The game was played at a frenetic pace with, Buchanan, as one of the stand-out performers on the field, with stylish flicks and an embarrassing nutmeg to his opponent, he charged up and down the flank, attacking and defending with equal merit. It looked as though the Croatian side could be staring down the barrel of an upset.

Alas, the Canadians, for all their effort and guile, gave the ball away too many times, and the Croatian counter-attack continued to build momentum until they gained the lead at the end of the first half, going in 2-1.

Kramaric recieved a low cross from Modric and blasted it, although the Canadian goalkeeper made a heroic save to keep them within touching distance of their opponents in the 54th minute.

Just a moment later the brilliant Buchanan struck a fine effort the Croatian keeper barely touched over the bar. The comeback was not on, though, with Croatia finding a fourth goal in extra time to make it 4-1. A result that may not have reflected what happened on the pitch. The Canadians gave their all, and it was an exciting contest…even after the result seemed set in stone.

Croatia vs Belgium 1st December 15:00






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