Euro Truck Simulator 2 in 2022

Keep on truckin’!

I first played this game when it released a decade ago. It was pretty realistic, as far as games went, back then, and the graphics were decent as well. Roll on ten years, and I have to say, with the updates, and available mods on Steam workshop, the same can still be said of the game.

The road textures, the models of the towns and cities, the scenery while in the countryside, and even the added in road crashes, make the world feel more living and breathing than ever.

At one point, when I was driving approaching Carlisle, I encountered Police who had blocked off the road. There was a helicopter on the road, along with some policemen who were at the site of a horrific crash. Just as one would in real life, I slowed down to have a look at the carnage as I passed, and then WHACK! Another trucker, driving an identical truck to my own, smashed into me at high-speed, damagnig my truck, and forcing me to change my underwear at the same time.

Yes, it cost me almost what I was about to be paid for the trip to Carlisle in order to pay for the repairs, but it was so funny and ridiculous I enjoyed it all the same.

I can’t understate this next part…

The game is still extremely fun!

I remember checking back a few years ago, and they had added radio stations then. But this time there were even more, and one in particular was pumping out some very cool tunes, perfect for a man, or woman, on the road.

Truckers FM. Here’s the link to their Discord.

I was hammering down the freeway, as I approached Luxemborg, listening to Eminem and bopping my head. I definitely intend on playing a lot more of this game in the coming days. I started a new game, and I’ve already made it to level 8.

My headquarters is based in Manchester, and I purchased a garage in London as well. I have one driver working for me, driving a Volvo I bought at the nearby dealership.

Well, that’s enough for now. Back to delivering!


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