Marvel Snap

Warning: Seriously addicting fun!

Ever since I started working nights I’ve been playing mobile games. For a long time, the only game I played was Walking Dead: No Man’s Land. It is a tactical, turn-based Rpg like X-Com. I really enjoyed it. Then…I hit pay-wall, after pay-wall. I paid my way over one, but one was enough.

I was searching for a new game when I saw Marvel Snap advertised. It’s a card game featuring Marvel characters, incredible 3D animations, and layered, deep mechanics that you learn of gradually through playing.

Discarding cards with Blade will increase the power of a card like Morbius. While destroying cards will improve Venom, or Carnage. Captain America improves stats of other cards while Patriot only improves cards devoid of abilities. So on, and so forth.

There’s literally hundreds of cards, most of which has its own special ability you can deploy tactically through battle with another player. Games take around 3-5 minutes typically.

Every day or so the locations change on the board. They add various status effects or situations to influence the game. One day, you might favour a deck of what I call “Boosters”. These cards improve the power of their allies, and are very effective when the location offers double the ongoing effects. With so much variety of gameplay, and the tactics involved when selecting decks make this game endlessly fun.

Although I was soaring my way through the ranks for a while, I got stuck at platinum level 58. That was last week. I went all the way back down to gold level 44, feeling like I’d zero hope of clawing my way back up the rankings.

What changed? Where did all these new cards and strategies I’d never encountered before come from. How come everyone has Wong, and I don’t?

The answer is quite simple. It wasn’t that I was facing better opposition because I was climbing the ranked chart. It was because I was increasing my deck level, by putting in some of my own money, and by completing every objective I could. By striving to unlock newer, better cards, I’d inadvertently stumbled into the realm of the expert players, and probably the beta-pool, too.

So, while I do recommend the game, I also recommend that if you play do not go above collector level 800-900, until you are confident you can win against the current strategy the best players are using, and these vary, so you might excell one day, and get creamed the next.

I am currently sitting way over level 1000. But it was in the 800-900 bracket where I started to notice the massive hike in difficulty.

The game I’d been obsessed with for a few weeks suddenly became a frustrating series of losing battles. Until…I discovered a new deck, through trial, error, and good old observation. That’s right: learning from the foes who best you is key to understanding tricky alternate strategies and card combinations.

The Savage Land season with Zabu is coming to a close. A new season begins tomorrow. That means new cards, and a whole bunch of new rewards. Now is as good a time as any to join in the fun!

Try it out, you may not regret it. I look forward to whooping you! 😉 😜






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