Marvel Snap Modok

A new season. A new meta.

With the arrival of Modok, players have a new overpowered, very fun to use card. At first, I was using him all wrong, but I’ve since figured out a deck combination that’s effective, and fun to use.

The thing about this deck is that it can seem underwhelming for the first couple of turns where you often don’t even put any cards out. There have been plenty of games where I have made it half-way through the game before even placing a single card. However, with Modock, Lockjaw, and Dracula you can quickly turn a game on its head.

I’ve picked up a few very satisfying wins in the last stage of games.

This is the best I could come up with so far, as I lack cards like Ghost Rider and Hella. I’ve seen other players use them and I’ve been destroyed a few times.

I’ll keep playing, and keep trying to come up with new, better decks and strategies. For now, it’s all about discarding cards rapidly to pump up my vampire duo and clinch victory in the last moments of the game.






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