Daredevil: Born Again…with The Punisher!

It’s an auspicious day for fans of the Netflix Marvel Series, with the announcement of Jon Bernthal reprising his role as Frank Castle, better known as The Punisher.

I am elated to find that he will be returning to the role which he made his seal upon in the second season of Daredevil, and the subsequent 2 season spin-off where Bernthal played the titular character.

Of all the Netlfix shows, Daredevil  was my personal favourite. I believe it is hands-down the best thing Marvel has produced to date, and many fans share that sentiment. That being said, I am tentative to see what Disney has in store for the hyper-violent series and its repertoire of stellar characters.

Given the shows they have made to date, my worries are not unfounded. We had the mediocre, preachy Falcon and Winter Soldier, the “so dull I didn’t make it past the second episode” Hawkeye, and the reprehensible She-Hulk, among others I have no desire to watch given the low audience scores.

Not to mention that I don’t hold any stock in Disney’s choreography doing the series justice. Just look at the new Peter Pan trailer, as Wendy fends off two swordsmen, yet somehow knocks away three without touching the third, in a moment reminiscent of the laughable fight in The Last Jedi. It had Snoke’s elite bodyguards being defeated without anyone laying a hand on them in comical fashion. If things like this, that were so obvious, made it through post production, I wonder how they will grasp recreating the tense, brilliant fight scenes the Netflix series is renowned for.

However, somehow, I always cling to hope. Maybe, just maybe, they will give us something worth watching, and not just content.

Its been years since Daredevils intoxicating third season finale aired. These characters still have a lot of stories from the comics, and fans can only hope that both Marvel and Disney have learnt from their past mistakes.

With Cox, D’Onforio, and Bernthal present, I am hopeful they won’t churn out content just for the sake of adding more shows to the streaming service. Everyone knows how popular the Netflix show was, and there is the possibility that this is just a cash-grab by Disney/Marvel.

With 18 episodes there could be a lot of stories covered from the Daredevil and Punisher universes. Who knows, they might even tie them more closely to the MCU. We could see them on the big screen one day, and not just for a short cameo this time.

The show has been tagged as a legal-drama, although there is no news on Fogey Nelson or Karen Page returning. At the end of the last season, they were set to make their own lawfirm. Nelson, Murdock and Page. I worry about how this will effect the continuity of the Netflix series. Will they just act like they never existed?

For now, everything is just guess work. Needless to say, I can’t wait for more updates.



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