Portugal vs Uruguay

A brace from Bruno Fernandes saw his team claim victory in the second match of the group stage.

The first half saw Portugal enjoy the majority of possession.

But the Uruguayan team had the best chance. Their midfield three had to work hard, and for most of the first half Cavani and Nunez were isoltaed from their team up front.

The Uruguayan side played a low block with the only shot on target coming from Bentancur, who broke through the opposition defensive line to come up one on one against the keeper. All he had to do was hit it either side of the goal, but he hit it right at the keeper.

On the Portugese side, a cross came in for Ronaldo, who managed against the odds to chest it down and tee up his strike, although the ball was taken off his foot before he could let loose his shot.

There was a moment when Jaoa Felix had the ball on the counter-attack and passed it wide to Bernardo Silva. But there were no red shirts in the box for him to cross it into.

A dissapointing first half saw the teams level. 0-0.

The first real chance of the second half came in the 51st minute, as Portugal broke with Felix getting on the ball in the opposition box. Fernandes was charging in at the back post, ready to recieve the cross, although Felix opted to take it on himself, and struck the side-netting, much to the chagrin of his team mates.

The opening goal came just a minute later, with a fine lofted cross from Bruno Fernandes, dubiously finding Ronaldo, who had just drifted off the defender, and jumped to claim a touch on the ball to put it past the keeper.

Ronaldo was eager to claim his place as the top goal scorer for Portugal in the world cup with what have been his 8th goal for his nation, overtaking Eusebio. But it wasn’t to be, as the goal was later given to the rightful scorer, Bruno Fernandes.

The next stage of the game was all Uruguay. Manchester United’s Facundo Pellistri came on as a substitute in the 63rd minute and used some skillful footwork to get in a fine cross, although Oliviera squandered the chance by delivering a poor header into the keeper’s waiting grasp.

Some fast play again from pelestri got the ball to Gomes who struck the post with a riveting strike not long after. A Uruguayan free kick found Suarez in the box, but the seasoned Pro couldn’t finish it. The team failed to score, and then it was Portugal’s turn to attack.

Bruno Fernandes nutmegged the Uruguayan defender, who slid and touched the ball with his hand. A complete accident that resulted in a VAR check. The penalty was given, to the understandable outrage of the Uruguayan team.

The Portuguese star put it away confidently after a stuttering run up, like we have seen him do so often for his club side, Manchester United.


Portugal vsv South Korea Friday 2nd December !5:00


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