Delicious, cheap recipe for creamy mushroom pasta!

(My dog insisted on photo bombing!)

This quick to prepare, savoury meal is still scintillating my taste buds as I write this. Are you ready to unlock an abundance of flavours with minimal effort this lunchtime?

To start, you will need to peel two pieces of garlic and set those aside. Then wash your mushrooms. Meanwhile, your pan should be heating up at medium heat in the background, with a generous scoop of butter that will soon be gently sizzling.

Chop your mushrooms to the desired size and add to pan.

Also add 1 chopped onion.

Go ahead and season your pan with salt and pepper. (Lots of pepper!) I also added two sprinkles of crushed ginger.

Put your pasta to the boil while the mushrooms cook.

Add your 2 garlic, and a handful of cashew nuts to the blender. 1/4 cup of water. 1 TBS sour cream. 1 TBS Olive Oil. 1 TBS Toasted Sesame Oil. Blend.

Grate some medium cheddar cheese.

Within 5-6 minutes your mushrooms and onions should be looking cooked. It’s time to add the contents of your blender. Let it cook until it simmers.

Drain pasta, add to pan. Sprinkle with oregano.

Then put it on the plate, and top with grated cheese.



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